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FAQ’s About N.C. Licensure

How do I qualify for a North Carolina license?
The standard basis for licensure is the completion of an approved education program from a regionally accredited college or university. Most out-of-state applicants qualify through reciprocity plans that allow educators from outside North Carolina to establish eligibility for licensing in North Carolina.

The lateral entry policy allows skilled individuals outside of the public education system to enter the teaching profession. While completing an approved North Carolina program, a lateral entry license entitles the holder to be employed by and serve as a teacher in North Carolina schools as long as testing and progressive credit requirements are met each year, whether or not employment continues.

What documents are required for a North Carolina license application?

  •  Degree dated transcripts(s) from each degree earned: original or clear copy (front & back) with registrar’s signature
  •  Lateral Entry applicants: transcripts from all universities attended
  •  Other state license(s): copy of front & back, with code key
  •  Copies of Praxis II test scores and/or other state test score reports – all pages must be submitted
  •  Form V required for graduate degrees in Education
  •  Form(s) E and/or CE verified by each former employer for any prior teaching experience

When should I apply for a NC License?
Anytime if applying for your own license based on Reciprocity. As an employee of CCS, you must complete the application process within 30 days of employment.

May I apply for a license if I have not met the testing requirement?
Test requirements must be met before a license is issued for teachers licensed in K-6 and Exceptional Children. Other areas may or may not require Praxis II or other state testing.

Will my previous experience be credited to my NC license?
Yes, in most cases. Properly documented professional experience from out-of-state schools or private schools are creditable under the same criteria as experience in a NC school. Educators are paid at the beginning level of teacher pay, Bachelor’s with no experience, until the license is issued.

Once the license is issued, the employee’s salary will be adjusted to reflect experience and any applicable advanced degree retroactive to the date established by DPI.

How long will it take to receive my NC license?
Approximately 6-8 weeks after submission to DPI during peak seasons (May – December). Other times during the year expect a 2-3 week turn around.

What is the initial fee for a North Carolina license application?
Out-of-State (reciprocal) $85.00
Graduate of NC Teacher Ed Program $55.00
Lateral Entry/Provisional/C-T, other $85.00

Additional fee ($55) is required when amending the license: adding license areas, adding experience, upgrading teacher education degrees (MEd, EdS, EdD), adding Student Services areas.

Check, money order, Master Card or VISA card [no cash]
Due by 1st pay day
Payable to: NCDPI

What are the requirements to clear license deficiencies?

  • Requirements must be met before the start of each school year.
  • Year-round educators must meet requirements before the July start date.
  • Copies of all transcripts, grade reports, Praxis II scores must be turned in to the Licensure office at CCS Human Resources.

Provisional license?
Complete a minimum of 6 semester hours from an approved program of study for licensure before the start of each school year regardless of employment status.  Praxis II testing must be passed by the completion of all coursework.

 Lateral Entry & Career Technical license?

  • Submit an approved Program of Study or Individual Education Plan from a North Carolina accredited teacher education program at the university level or from the Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC)
  • Complete a minimum of 6 semester hours each school year from the above plan
  • Submit passing Praxis II test scores on/before date on license requirement letter or by the time the last class is completed
  • Meet all course and testing requirements within the 3-year limit, whether or not employment continues

Complete 5 CEUs each year with all 15 CEUs completed by the end of the 3rd school year.  5/5/5 = clearing validation.

If I applied for my NC license on my own, does CCS need a copy?
Yes. Please give us a copies of the (1) original license, (2) the license requirement letter, and the original Superintendents Copy.

What are the dates of licenses?
Effective Date – July 1, unless midyear completion of requirements (ie. December graduation, tests, hours)
Expiration Date – ALWAYS June 30

How do I renew my license? Is there a fee involved?

  • Standard Professional II has a 5-year renewal cycle. 8 CEUs required. The process is automatic if requirements are met & employed by a NC school system. Requirements must be met by June 30 of renewal year.
  • Beginning Teachers, Standard Professional I, Provisional, and Lateral Entry licenses do not have a renewal cycle until after completion of the requirements.
  • No fee is involved unless license has expired or you have completed a MEd or higher education degree
  • There is a $55 fee if you are not employed at the time of renewal.

I need a copy of my license:
Please call the HR Records Management Clerk, 910.678.2629. Our recommendation is that when you receive your license, you give a copy to your Principal and keep a copy in your locked desk at school.

I need a copy of my Praxis test(s):
Please call the HR Records Management Clerk, 910.678.2629. If it is not in your Personnel File, then you will need to contact ETS 1.800.772.9476

How do I add a new license area?
There are two options:

  • Complete a MEd., EdS, or EdD in a new area and the university will recommend adding it to your license.
  • Teachers with a “clear” SP1 or SP2 teaching license (excludes Career-Technical restricted licenses and student services educators) may take the appropriate Praxis II test(s) to add additional areas.

Graduate Degrees in Teacher Education:
We can’t stress enough to complete your advanced educational degree with the university system in North Carolina. The NC universities’ programs lead to North Carolina licensing. Many of the NC universities do offer advanced degree/licensure program on-line.

In order to get a Master’s or higher designation on a NC license, the advanced degree must be in a specific NC license area.

Regarding out-of-state and on-line universities, you are going to have to make your own decision. Not all on-line university programs will qualify for a license in North Carolina even if they respond positively to the questions below. Questions to ask the university:

  •  Is the university regionally accredited?
  •  Is the program an approved teacher education pr

Published by Shawnelle Jones on June 6, 2018

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